Mayans season 5 episode 7 recap: let the bodies hit the floor (2024)

NOTE: this post contains spoilers for Mayans M.C. season 5 episode 7, "To Fear Of Death, I Eat The Stars."

At night, two of the Broken Saints are riding on the highway when they see an unconscious woman on the side of the road. It's Letty (Emily Tosta). Shes got some head trauma and bruises. The women take her back to the Broken Saints compound. After some rest and food, Letty is offered sanctuary by the Broken Saints as long as she obeys their rules.

Angel (Clayton Cardenas) wakes up after Adelita (Carla Baratta) had slipped out the previous night. Maverick is crying. He’s got a fever and threw up. Angel doesn't know what to do.

Maggie (Presciliana Esparolini) slips into Obispo's (Michael Irby) house to surprise him with coffee and breakfast. She finds him in bed with the waitress from the Mayans' clubhouse. Damn Obispo, we were rooting for you. Maggie tells him it's her fault for believing he could change. They're done. Obispo is upset, and the poor waitress is caught in a very awkward situation. But Obispo has no one to blame but himself.

EZ (JD Pardo), Hank (Frankie Loyal) and Lopez (Vincent Vargas) take the next dropoff to Cole (Branton Box). To hold up his end of their bargain, Cole introduces EZ to his partner. EZ is told that all the prisons in California are now his. Iron War and Storm 88, the clubs made up of corrections officers, are his to command.

EZ gets the crown he's been after finally. But he has to agree to cut in the partner for half of the Mayans' profit. EZ is willing to trade cash for control of the prisons.

Emily (Sarah Bolger) goes to see the woman that tried to kidnap Cristobel at the park, who is also the woman who called Emily a murderer in the store. She is Charlotte Buksar, the mother of Marlon Buksar (David Clayton Rogers). Emily offers to set up a suicide prevention fund in Marlon's name, but Charlotte Buksar isn't having it. She tells Emily she knows Marlon didn't kill himself.

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Charlottes tells Emily she has proof EZ killed Marlon and that Emily was involved. Soon she's taking all the evidence to the district attorney. She wants to make sure Emily is taken away from her little boy because she took Marlon away from Charlotte.

In a shocking move, when Charlotte's back is turned Emily bludgeons her and beats her to death. Luis (Michael Anthony Perez) helps her clean up and stage the death so it looks like Charlotte fell in the shower and hit her head.

EZ takes Bottles (Alex Barone) and Guero (Andrew Jacobs) to drop off cash to Johnny Panic (Caitlin Stasey) at the Broken Saints compound. He also wants to check on the production of the fentanyl. Letty sees EZ and hopes he won't recognize her. Bottles makes a date with one of the women in the Broken Saints crew.

Poking around the compound, Letty finds the cook shed, steals a truck and leaves. This is all because Potter (Ray McKinnon) is keeping Hope (Vanessa Giselle) hostage. He sent Letty in as a decoy to the Broken Saints to find out what they were hiding. Letty tells him about the Broken Saints alliance with the Mayans to get Hope back.

Risking it all to be free, Adelita goes to the counting house where she picks up the cash for her kills each week. She kills the rude woman who controls the money and steals three duffel bags of cash. She only kills cartel members though. She shoots her way out of the building and steals a car to get away with the cash. She's shot in the shoulder but keeps going.

She takes that cash to a place where there are lots of children with guns keeping watching over a communal house. Adelita is there to find Mini (Melany Ochoa). Mini has grown up since her last appearance in season 3.

Adelita gives Mini the money and says she can become Adelita, the assassin. The poppy farmers are waiting for her. With the cash and her work as a contract killer, Mini can help the farmers fight the cartel. But Mini tells Adelita she doesn't want it. She calls Adelita the devil and stabs her over and over. Adelita bleeds out and dies on the floor of the communal house in Mexico.

EZ calls a meeting to convince the members that giving up half of their take is worth controlling the prisons. At the same time Creeper (Joseph Raymond Lucero) is released from solitary. He immediately heads to a phone to call Hank and tell him EZ is the informant. Just as Hank is heading into the meeting, he gets Creeper's call. He tells the room it's Creeper calling. EZ waits anxiously.

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Just as the call connects, Creeper is attacked again. This time they finish the job, Creeper dies. All on EZ's orders.

Then Diaz (Alex Fernandez) bursts into the club. He's screaming at EZ for killing Happy and ending the truce that has been keeping the Oakland chapter safe. EZ explains the Mayans now control the prisons so the other clubs will have to align themselves with the Mayans. Diaz is skeptical but calms down.

As Diaz and another member of his club are walking out, Guero shoots Diaz in the head, yelling "That's for my father!" Guero is the son of Ibarra, the former president of the Tucson Mayans. Bishop, thinking quickly, kills Diaz' companion. Now EZ has an even bigger mess to clean up. Can he turn this to their advantage somehow?

(Editor's note: we have updated this article to correct that it was Diaz, not Alvarez, who was killed)

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Mayans season 5 episode 7 recap: let the bodies hit the floor (2024)
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