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Addy Perez, the charismatic deputy who rose to fame on the hit show On Patrol Live, has announced her departure from the show and the Richland County Sheriff’s Department. The news came as a shock to many fans who had followed her journey in law enforcement and admired her professionalism and personality. Why is Addy Perez leaving On Patrol Live, and what are her plans for the future? Here is everything you need to know.

A Brief Background of Addy Perez

Addy Perez was born and raised in the Bronx, New York, where she developed a strong sense of justice and service. She joined the Army after high school and served for four years, honing her skills and discipline. She then pursued a career in law enforcement, starting with the New York Police Department and later moving to the Richland County Sheriff’s Department in South Carolina in 2016.

How Addy Perez Became a Star on On Patrol Live

On Patrol Live is a spin-off of the popular show Live PD, which followed police officers across the country in real-time as they responded to various calls and situations. Addy Perez was one of the deputies featured on Live PD, and she quickly gained a loyal fan base for her dedication, courage, and charisma. She was also praised for her community engagement and her ability to show the human side of policing.

On Patrol Live was launched in 2022 as a web series that streamed live on the A&E website and app. The show continued the format of Live PD, but with a smaller cast of officers and a more interactive approach. Addy Perez was one of the hosts of the show, along with Dan Abrams and Tom Morris Jr. She provided commentary and insights on the live footage, as well as answering questions from viewers and fans.

The Reasons Behind Addy Perez’s Departure

In December 2022, Addy Perez surprised her followers by announcing that she was leaving her position with Richland County and moving to Texas for a new job opportunity outside of law enforcement. She did not reveal the details of her new career, but she expressed her gratitude to her colleagues, department, and fans for their support and love. She also said that she was leaving for family reasons, as her husband had relocated to Texas for work.

Many fans were saddened and confused by her decision, as they had grown accustomed to seeing her on their screens and were curious about her new venture. Some speculated that she was leaving because of the cancellation of Live PD, which had been taken off the air in 2020 amid the protests against police brutality and racial injustice. Others wondered if she had faced any challenges or difficulties in her job that made her want to quit.

However, in a surprising turn of events, Addy Perez was spotted back in uniform with the Richland County Sheriff’s Department in July 2023, indicating a return to service that reignited interest in her career choices and the future direction of her professional life. According to LivePD.org[^1^][4], one of her colleagues, Daniel Mulcahy, also confirmed that she had returned to Richland. Moreover, many fans also noticed her in On Patrol Live, suggesting that she had resumed her role as a host.

The reasons behind her comeback are not clear, but some sources suggest that she had changed her mind about leaving law enforcement and decided to give it another chance. Others claim that she had faced some issues or complications with her new job in Texas and opted to return to her previous position. Whatever the case, it seems that Addy Perez is back on duty and on screen, much to the delight of her admirers.

What’s Next for Addy Perez?

Addy Perez has not made any official statements about her current status or her future plans, but she has been active on social media, where she posts updates and photos of her life and work. She has also been engaging with her fans and followers, expressing her appreciation and affection for them. She has also hinted at some exciting projects and collaborations that she is working on, but she has not revealed any specifics.

It is possible that Addy Perez will continue to work as a deputy and a host on On Patrol Live, as well as pursue other opportunities and interests that suit her talents and passions. She has shown that she is a versatile and talented person who can excel in different fields and roles. She has also demonstrated that she is not afraid to make bold decisions and take risks, even if they involve leaving behind a successful and beloved career.

Whatever Addy Perez decides to do next, one thing is certain: she has left a lasting impression on the public and the law enforcement community, and she has inspired many people with her story and personality. She is a role model and a star who will always have a loyal fan base and a bright future ahead of her.

What’s Next for the Popular Deputy? – Career Gear (2024)


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