Best Builds for Every Class in Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor (2024)

Each of the four classes in DRG Survivor has access to a number of weapons, artifacts, and upgrades. Here, I’ll show you my take on the best builds for every class in Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor, including special weapon overclocks.

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DRG Survivor: Best Scout Build

Best Builds for Every Class in Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor (1)

Best Scout Weapons

  • Deepcore GK2
  • M1000 Classic

Scout has the highest critical damage modifier of all classes in the game. That’s why I consider Deepcore GK2 his best default weapon. It shoots with high-caliber bursts, triggering critical damage shot after shot. Once I reach Level 3 with Scout, I can unlock the M1000 Classic rifle, which has a much higher damage output with its armor-piercing bullets.

Best Scout Overclocks

  • High Caliber Rounds, The Favourite
  • Gas Rerouting, Thick Boy

These weapon overclocks increase the damage of your piercing shots by 30% and your reload speed by 100% for Deepcore GK2. As for the M1000 Classic, you get a higher fire rate and reload speed by 25%.

Best Scout Artifacts

  • Vita-miner Pills
  • Red Sugar Cube
  • Armor Grease

Since Scout has the lowest HP of all other classes in DRG Survivor, we definitely need artifacts that boost our HP and healing abilities. Both Vita-miner Pills and Red Sugar Cube directly save my character from dying. But Armor Grease increases my dodge ability, which can be a real lifesaver in dire situations.

Best Scout Upgrades

  • Armor
  • Max HP
  • Life Regen

Be sure to reroll for these specific upgrades when playing as Scout. They’ll increase your defensive capabilities and increase and restore your HP pool.

DRG Survivor: Best Gunner Build

Best Builds for Every Class in Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor (2)

Best Gunner Weapons

  • “Lead Storm” Powered Minigun
  • “Bulldog” Heavy Revolver

What I like about the Gunner class is that both of its best weapons are starting weapons. The Lead Storm is a heavy machine gun with the highest rate of fire in the game. The Bulldog is a simple yet effective revolver with high damage. Another one that I’d recommend is the “Thunderhead” Heavy Autocannon, but you can unlock it at Level 12.

Best Gunner Overclocks

  • High Caliber Rounds, The Favorite
  • Bigger Mags, Lead Wrapped Ammo

When it comes to weapon overclocks, be sure to equip Bigger Mags for higher ammo capacity. The rest will make your ammo deal way more damage.

Best Gunner Artifacts

  • Clipboard of Grudges
  • Barley Bulb Juice
  • FRZ Shield Belt

The Gunner class has plenty of HP and armor, but it lacks speed of movement. That’s why I selected Barley Bulb Juice as my main artifact. The other two will help me gain more XP and protect me in dangerous situations.

Best Gunner Upgrades

  • Move Speed
  • XP Gain
  • Status Effect Damage

When choosing upgrades, be sure to focus on increasing your speed of movement and XP gain for quick progression.

DRG Survivor: Best Engineer Build

Best Builds for Every Class in Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor (3)

Best Engineer Weapons

  • LMG Gun Platform
  • Breach Cutter

Engineer is one of those classes that doesn’t have much time for direct combat engagements. So, in this case, I’d pick up the LMG Turret, place it on higher ground, and do something else while it clears out all the bugs. At Level 15, you can finally unlock Breach Cutter, which is the Engineer’s best weapon for direct combat engagements.

Best Engineer Overclocks

  • Disposable Tech, Tank Tracks
  • Ionized Plasma, Hot Plasma

It’s important to force your LMG Turrets to follow you around with these overclock options and make them explode when removed. While the latter two choices will increase the damage output of your plasma weapon.

Best Engineer Artifacts

  • Squint-EE5
  • BLT Ration Pack
  • BRN Shield Belt

This class really needs extra damage to be able to effectively clear out areas. That’s where Squint-EE5 becomes very important for increasing my critical damage. The other two artifacts will help me survive and preserve my defensive position.

Best Engineer Upgrades

  • Damage
  • Pickup Radius
  • Critical Chance

The upgrades should also focus entirely on gaining extra damage, as that’s one of the Engineer’s weakest spots.

DRG Survivor: Best Driller Build

Best Builds for Every Class in Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor (4)

Best Driller Weapons

  • CRSPR Flamethrower
  • Colette Wave Cooker

Just like Engineer, the Driller class doesn’t have much of a choice when it comes to weapons. So I recommend picking the two best default weapons: Flamethrower and Wave Cooker. While using the Flamethrower, I can create the so-called “burning zones,” which are highly efficient against groups of enemies. The other one is basically a ranged microwave heater, which can finish everyone off.

Best Driller Overclocks

  • A Little More Oopmh!, Sticky Fuel
  • Focused Lens, Nano Waves

As I already mentioned, it’s crucial to create “burning zones” around you. These overclocks will help with that and make your Wave Cooker shoot more precisely.

Best Driller Artifacts

  • XP Scanner
  • Gold Scanner
  • Nitra Scanner

The Driller class has a huge advantage when it comes to mining. That’s why I urge you to invest in the three Scanners, which produces extra XP, Gold, and Nitra with each mining session. It’ll make things easier for any type of Driller build.

Best Driller Upgrades

  • Luck
  • Pickup Radius
  • Status Effect Damage

I chose these upgrades specifically to increase the chance of getting better materials when mining and their quantity, as well as increase the effects of the Flamethrower weapon.

That’s it for my take on the best builds for every class in Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor. Stay tuned for more DRGS tips and tricks articles right here.

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Best Builds for Every Class in Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor (2024)


What is the best class in Deep Galactic Survivor? ›

Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor - Every Class, Ranked
  • 4 Engineer.
  • 3 Driller.
  • 2 Gunner.
  • 1 Scout.
Mar 15, 2024

What is the best class to carry in Deep Rock Galactic? ›

As the debate rages on Reddit, the consensus leans towards the Gunner, Scout, Driller, and Engineer as the top carry classes in Deep Rock Galactic. Each class brings a unique set of skills and strategies to ensure success in the hazardous depths of Hoxxes IV.

What is the most fun solo class in Deep Rock Galactic? ›

With a varied bunch of tools and abilities that work in tandem with each other - alongside an array of follow-up perks that only make them better - the gunner is a solid pick for solo players when starting on Deep Rock Galactic.

What is the best class in Galactic? ›

The best class is the Engineer. This class provides a great balance of mobility and power. It's great for when you're playing on your own, and when you're playing with a team. The Platform Gun also makes for one of the most amazing tools in the game.

What is the best dwarf in deep rock survivor? ›

As the first class players access to in Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor, the Scout is the best class for learning all the in-game mechanics. The Scout is the fastest among the dwarven classes. Its starting class mod, Classic Scout, grants players additional movement speed from the get-go.

What is the ultimate survival weapon? ›

Henry AR-7 U.S. Survival Rifle

Henry might have the most popular survival rifle design with its AR-7 U.S. Survival Rifle in . 22 LR. The Henry AR-7 U.S. Survival Rifle is one of the most popular designs out there.

How to unlock heavy gunner deep rock galactic survivor? ›

Heavy Gunner

This Class Mod is unlocked at Gunner Class Rank 18. Heavy Gunner gives -10% Movement speed, +25% Weapon Range to Heavy weapons, and +25% Reload Speed to Heavy weapons. This class mod starts with a "Thunderhead" Heavy Autocannon and also has access to all currently unlocked [HEAVY] weapons.

What is the most powerful weapon in survival io? ›

Void Power stands as the best weapon in Alongside that, you've got two other top contenders: The Lightchaser and the Kunai. In, the weapons come in various levels of quality: normal, good, better, or excellent.

Is Deep Rock Galactic harder with more players? ›

Increased Hazard Level increases enemy, environmental and friendly fire damage, as well as decreasing available health after a revive. Increased player count increases enemy damage even further. Additionally, Hazard 5 reduces the maximum health the player will regenerate to, from 15% to 10%.

What is the highest character level in Deep Rock Galactic? ›

The required experience for each level is increased as player characters level up. The max level for characters is 25 as of Update 19. The shown Experience value is the Experience needed at that level to reach the next.

What is the highest rank in Deep Rock Galactic? ›

Player Rank

In one playthrough, the maximum level after unlocking all promotions for all characters is 599. Prestige Assignments are unlocked at Rank 5, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, and 100.

What is the gunner class in Deep Rock Galactic Survivor? ›

The Gunner is one of four playable classes in DRG Survivor, unlocked by reaching Player Rank 3. Gunner's kit consists almost entirely of projectile weapons, with a few fire weapons alongside for more AOE damage.

What is the highest promotion in deep rock Galactic? ›

After the fourth promotion, the border switches from bronze to silver, and the amount of white stars is reset back to one. Upon reaching three more promotions, the border switches from silver to gold, then gold to platinum, platinum to diamond, and finally diamond to legendary - the highest border for the Honor Badge.

Is Scout a good class in deep rock Galactic? ›

The Scout boasts the fastest mobility of any dwarves in the game due to his reusable Grappling Hook. His unique Flare Gun can also be used to place sticky flares, which light up much larger areas than normal Flares.

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